Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their pets are both trained and socialized in order to prevent dog bite injuries to others. This also includes maintaining dog vaccinations and making sure the dog is restrained at all times outside of the owner’s property. Our Southern California dog bite lawyers at Esposito Law understand that dog bites can have serious and permanent consequences. If you’ve sustained an injury from a dog bite, call us to discuss your case. Using your testimony and evidence, we’ll re-create the incident and identify potential causes leading up to the bite that will strengthen your case and earn you a settlement.

It is advised to follow the below first steps for your safety and to help build your dog bit case:

  • Seek medical help immediately, regardless if the dog bite is serious. It is possible the dog could be rabid or otherwise sick and cause other health complications.
  • Avoid hostility toward the dog owner to avoid unwanted violence.
  • Exchange information with the dog owner. This is absolutely vital.
  • Contact an experienced Southern California dog bite attorney who can then guide you through the subsequent processes and answer any questions.

Homeowners may intimidate you into taking a few hundred bucks in exchange for silence. Even worse, some pet owners may threaten legal action against you. Persons injured have an entitlement to compensation for injuries by no fault of their own. Never accept offers from dog owners when injured as they’ll probably be significantly less than your case is worth. Call us today to discuss your case.

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